Wednesday 31 May 2006

Onion goggles

Mrs Mac takes her cooking seriously, too seriously at times.

Hammering the Anvil

Tweedley on Hammertime

The Anvil has been taking a hammering of late, with Redpath, Tweedley, McGhee and myself all bagging some very nice projects. I managed to slap my way up Body Blow 8b+ on my 4th day. The first 4 moves are cellar style Font 7c+ to a jug, then an awesome 8a+ 45 degree wall to the top. This is the second half of what will be a mega route when my fingers are strong enough to handle double the length of climbing at the same difficulty standard. The full details for this crag are on the Scottish Climbs wiki now. It’s a lovely place, but don’t go there unless you are feeling fit unless you want to be humbled.

About me


Claire MacLeod
Thanks for coming to have a look at my site. I’m Dave, I’m a climber from Scotland and I live in Letterfinlay in the Scottish highlands with my wife Claire and my cat Puss Puss. This is my blog about my climbing, my life and my work. My work these days is climbing, writing, coaching, lecturing and making films.
I started climbing when I was 15 and climbed most of the hard rock and winter climbs in Scotland. For the last decade I’ve been making first ascents of as hard routes as possible in most climbing disciplines but especially trad, bouldering, sport climbing and winter climbing. My route Rhapsody was the first E11 graded climb in the world. My hardest climbs, Echo Wall (E11) and Anubis (XII) could be among the hardest summer and winter trad climbs in the world. I’ve also climbed 9a in sport climbing, V13/14 in bouldering and onsighted E7.
People in the wider world of climbing tend to hear about my climbing through the well known films E11 or Echo Wall or my book 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes.