Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Wet Gritstone

Another day, another dump of rain, Burbage, Peak District
My plan was to get a few days of climbing on Gritstone over the new year holiday, since I had to cancel the last planned trip there, I wasn't going to bail out again. So this time, despite an appauling forecast, we just jumped in the hire car (since mine is still pending repair from its recent theft attempt) and went. Nothing ventured and all that...
Most of the trip was spent peering out of my cinched up hood at wet crags, or drying out clothes and ropes at night. However, the rain stopped breifly a few times and allowed 45 minute windows in which to dive onto grit routes and try some moves. There was no time for warming up or resting, just a frantic continuous effort to climb as many moves as possible before the next shower raced in and soaked everything again.
I tried a few lovely routes and the psyche is on for one in particular, so if I can get some more work nailed over the next few days I will try to return.

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