Saturday 7 April 2007

A night on the mountain

Kev, Steve and myself headed to the Ben for some work and play. We needed to take photographs of some new Bivvy Bags for Mountain Equipment, so we trekked up into Coire Leis at midnight and bivvied out in pissing rain for the night. Next morning the slowly receeding Nevis ice was briefly refrozen. I soloed up Tower Scoop as I waited for the boys to follow me up the long slog of Observatory Gully and reminded myself how to climb ice.

Rise and shine big man

The ice is still good for Easter

Gardyloo Buttress, good friday 2007

Indicator wall, good friday 2007 with teams on Psychedelic Wall

Kev entering the cave belay on Clefthanger V,6
I started up an unlikely looking overhanging wall and stuggled desperately to find gear and hooks. But as always, a determined approach resulted in some progress to within spitting distance of a dribble of fine ice above. But after an entertaining display of footless sketching that would have fitted in nicely in 'Cliffhanger' I finally fell off. No damage done, but everyone was getting cold, so we opted for more photography on an easier route just down the hill - Clefthanger. This route is actually really good. I've never seen anyone on it but more folk should do it. I seem to remember the book saying something about mixed climbing, but right now its a pure ice route.
So another new route on the Ben attempted, another failure. It would be nice to top out on one of these projects sometime. I think that next time I can do something good??

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