Sunday 29 June 2008

The forecast for July

The forecast for July, more or less. Can you guess which bit of the UK Ben Nevis resides in?

The azores high just isn’t shifting for now…

More bad weather woes have meant more days under the umbrella of Sky Pilot and the uber traverse. My highpoint (sic – really sideways point) advanced two moves, one of them being the first crux. Another move of progress could be the edge of success on it? I’m quite excited to finish it now as a cool trip in it’s own right – def. V13/F8c+ I reckon.

Good times for work too – preparation of material for my lectures in Wyoming and Squamish in a couple of weeks. As usual there is much other stuff to be done too and the Scottish summer can be a good time for making progress – writing new articles on Scottish climbing, climbing injuries etc, setting up our film production enterprise, working on other longer term writing tasks and more development of Velvet Antlers. Claire is editing a short film about the little route I soloed in Spain back in March. It’s cool to see that taking shape.

I also needed to put some work into my flexibility, which I lost a fair bit of after many days running up and down the Ben in May.

All the time one eye on the forecast, waiting for some good news.

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