Sunday 1 February 2009

For Sale - our house!

Claire and I are hoping to move up the road, so we are selling our house. There are some pictures of it below but the full schedule pdf is here. We are looking for offers over £75,000 for the house. It’s a one bedroom cottage in excellent order.

It’s been a great place for us and we enjoyed getting up every morning to the view up Glen Nevis and seeing it and Ben Nevis change through the seasons. We are not moving far ourselves, just to another place nearby.

We really enjoyed this view from the living room glass doors through the seasons.

Meall an' t Suidhe appearing through the clouds, Ben Nevis still hiding behind and the river Nevis catching the light through the trees.

The forest directly across the river from the house is pretty stunning in autumn. This is also taken from the living room glass doors.

Full schedule and house details here


  1. If only! Lovely house though.

  2. pay pal ok? ;)

  3. I see prices are still cheap in Scotland and affordable there at least :)

    Very nice pics of Ben Nevis region I have to say you make Scotland very inviting all over again.

    I know how cold it gets mind having lived up there for 4 yrs, brrrr especially this time of year.

    When are you back in Squamish Dave? I want to see you at one of your talks since I missed your last one last year, not good.