Monday 24 August 2009

Project progress reaches sub-cellular level

Get in: Lactate dehydrogenase

It’s Scotland, it’s late summer, and so it’s raining. Well, it’s raining on all my days off anyway. So the only progress towards my project is currently going on deep in inside my forearms which are hopefully amassing a formidable armoury of anaerobic enzymes as I write.

This week I have either just trained, training thenoo, or should have started training again already (the latter is the current situation, rectified as soon as I stop writing this post). My new board is not looking so new. And I’m satisfied with that.

Less pleasing is that all this training has woken up my complaining elbow, which had been feeling tough and strong and well on the way to being declared 100% healthy. It wouldn’t be real life if it disappeared so easily. So I have to pull back a little on the hangboarding and just stick to those nasty circuits of lactic pain.

I love them really.


    this product really helped my sore elbows! its a foam roller specifically designed for loosening up soft tissue in your arms

  2. Hey Dave,

    Can you post a little bit on the details of what a few of your training sessions are like? i.e. exercises, set/rep scheme's , etc.

    I'd love to hear.

  3. I used to be very strong while I was training on my hangboard but now I only climb and that`s my only training. Anyway would like to feel that strong again.
    Hope u will get well fast!

  4. how did your hangboard workouts look like? for strenght gains.
    Regards Bo - Denmark