Sunday 15 November 2009

My own board report

Many of you have emailed or commented asking me to talk a bit more about my board and  the structure of my sessions. The details are a bit intense for some readers here, so I’ve posted a fuller version of this post on my training blog for those interested. The short version is that I have been using it most evenings after work and I’ve made really good strength gains in the past 5 months or so. I’ve also been almost constant on the edge of getting injured - climbing in there is pretty damn intense. I’m used to training for several hours at a climbing wall, so I’m conditioned to keep going. But 1 hour on my board equals about 2 in a climbing wall and 4 outdoors. I just completed a couple of projects on it I’d been trying for about 4 months which are in the wee youtube above.

It’s really kept me going since I’ve been writing the book. Btw progress with that is going great guns with 12 hours a day working on it. Right now it’s mid way through being edited. I’ll keep you posted how it goes...


  1. Did you get my reply on email? Yours came from Claire's but I replied to yours. congrats on draft completion!

  2. Can't wait to see your book....!

  3. Ace that you answered questions, really interesting to see. Any chance you could post the dimensions/angle of the board, as I'm thinking of building one but not sure if 6' tall is too small. thanks

  4. Hej Dave,

    just watched this video and it immediatly made me think of you. Now that winter is coming in Austria. Have you already considered making an attempt on Principle Hope (FA Beat Kammerlander (5.13d/14a E9-E10) in Voralberg?
    Would be another great ascent to your repertoire.

    good luck training for your winter projects

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