Tuesday 12 January 2010

Return of the long lost energy

Some more pictures of our new route Frozen Assets VII,7 from the other day courtesy of Dave Cuthbertson (Cubby Images):

Finally, after several weeks of lethargy, illness and generally feeling like a sack of potatoes, my body seems to have shaken off whatever lingering virus I’ve had. My energy I’m always paranoid of losing has come back, and I feel much better for it. Every time I wear myself down a bit I’m always really scared I’ll not come back from it. And in the moment of the downer time seems to go awful slow. 

Eventually though, the body responds to good treatment and I feel quite good now for another good challenge. Writing my book has been a bigger drain than I expected. I’m still kind of waiting for conditions and partners to fall into place for a look at my project on Ben Nevis. I’m feeling like I’ve done enough easy routes now to have learned how to stand about in crampons and swing tools again. I’m ready for a shot now, and just want my chance.

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