Saturday 6 February 2010

Marshall-Smith week starts tomorrow

This is a quick post as I’m getting up in 5 hours to carry an uber load up the Ben to start the Smith Marshall week re-enactment. We just came from a team meeting and the list of improbable things to be done in the next seven days is quite staggering. Donald and Paul will be starting the days by going to the plateau and rigging/abseiling the faces to get in position. No support team, just them carrying the all the ropes and camera equipment. 
Tomorrow we are headed for The Great Chimney. The forecast is getting better all the time for the week, but heavy rain tonight and an unfortunate wind direction will be loading the faces with several of the routes and they could be a bit too dangerous to approach for a while? We’ll have to see how things go. Hey, noone said it would be easy.
If you want to follow how we get on I’ll be tweeting from wherever I can get a signal on the mountain. My twitter feed is here. I’ll also try and get some blogs out and let you know when the first youtube clips come scooting down from the editing suite in the CIC hut. 
But of course the best place to catch up with the week of climbs will be next Sunday night at the festival with Jimmy Marshall, myself and Andy and the footage we get. See you there, an please excuse us if we seem a little fatigued.

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