Sunday 2 January 2011

Diagnosis, sort of

 Today I got up, drove a few hundred miles, saw the physio, then the doctor, dowloaded about 20 research papers and read various relevant chapters from the textbook tower. Stuff it. After the diagnosis I’m breaking open the Christmas biscuit tin from Marks and Spencers and necking a few cups of tea before I head into the wall for training.

As suspected over the last three weeks it seems likely I have annoyed/torn the aponeurosis of my external oblique. In other words a ‘sportsman’s hernia’. Damnit. Just a little niggling pain on cutting loose which disappears once warmed up. But I don’t want it getting any worse. And if the surgeon confirms it in a couple of weeks time I might need a wee bit of ‘invasive’ treatment involving knives, bits of polypropylene mesh and my abdominal wall. I’m going to bite the bullet and get a private consultation to make sure I get prompt treatment from the right person. They told me dourly on the phone to “bring my credit card” Gulp!

Causes? Who knows… Could have been the roof aiding mission in prep for the Great Climb. Could have been over energetic wood chopping, or heavy rucksacks, or training, or genes or whatever. Lessons for others - don’t let rectus abdominus (six pack) get too strong while neglecting the obliques. Don’t train when you’re knackered. Don’t carry three ropes and three racks up a mountain in one go. Chop wood like a samurai, not a caveman. Actually I’m sure even cavemen would be disgusted at my technical prowess with the splitting axe.

At least it’s still a small problem. I’m set on keeping it that way. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I felt stronger on my board than I’ve ever done last night. All I need to do is keep my feet on and all is fine!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I self diagnosed that to myself a year ago and got also the same diagnosis from the first doctor I went to see. While 1.5 months past without any improvement I went to another specialist. He was a bit more suspicious and after MRI I was a winner of no excersice for the next 6-10 months ticket. Luckily that covered only the lower body but while including also abdominals an lower back I was pretty much stuck to finger board and chin ups type of fun. I didn't have the sportsman's hernia but a stress fracture in pelvis area, in pubic tubercle to be precise. see PT in . The doctor told that it's surprisingly common with athletes (why I got it, is thus still unclear to me) and easily mixed with the sportsman's hernia.

    So might be worth of seeing another doctor still.

    All the best,