Wednesday 18 May 2011

Steall sessions

First ascent of The Fat Groove 8a, Steall
Two good sessions at Steall with Tweedley and Boswell. On day one I mostly put in bolts and scrubbed and was knackered. Net day, after baby class it was time to get actually climbing. I equipped a big diagonal groove cutting across my route Stolen and Running into the last part of Trick of the Tail (which is now bolted to the niche below the perma-wetness with permission from Mark at great 7b+). 

Being a groove I figured some bridging would be possible, which it was in places. The rest however was some powerful fingery undercutting with some technical dancing about on little smears, if that is the right word?

A little bit of grunt and I made it through to the superb upper section, with all sorts of funky groove moves going on. Brilliant. The other line I bolted won’t give up so easily I suspect.

Michael scrapping with The Gurrie 8a+

The whole time, it dumped it down with rain and fresh snow fell on Ben Nevis above us. I don't reckon too many other new routes got done in the western highlands today! Nice to see that other are enjoying the routes here recently as much as I have done. Niall and Alan both rating Stolen as possibly the best 8b or even 8 in the UK!!


  1. Look fwd to a 'retro flash' attempt on Trick of the Tail Dave! 7b+...Nice...

  2. Nice one Dave, can't wait to try it. Amazing that one of the wetest crags in Scotland has so much dry climbing :)

  3. What shoes are you wearing here?

    They look like stix but I've never seen orange ones before and they don't look like the new range on the website..