Friday 12 August 2011

An Teallach with Peter

Yesterday the weirdest thing happened to me. I’d already been to A&E at the Belford for an X-ray of my left foot since it was still feeling extremely painful if I weighted the medial side of my foot on the Sesamoid with my big toe pulled up. It was feeling like something was definitely wrong. It was getting worse every day. The X-ray returned a negative for broken bones but just a comment that I had the weirdest feet they had ever seen. But still no explanation for the very targeted pain, except that it ‘must’ be a bruised bone.
I was unconvinced. Movement was fine with great care not to stand on the medial side of my foot, so I kept a date to go for a big run with Peter. In the circumstances scaled it down to a short run and not even really a run and so headed for An Teallach.

We set off after 3pm and slogging up Sail Mor, my foot was seriously complaining. The whole way I was contemplating a bail request, but just kept my head down for ‘another 50 metres’ all the way to the summit ridge. Once there, I stopped to put on my jacket and started walking again. WHAT???!!! No pain!!! All of a sudden, it stopped hurting and I went from mild hobbling to bounding along the ridge crest in normal hill running stylee. So, the explanation seems to be a dislocated (subluxed) sesamoid that spontaneously popped back into it’s groove. Very strange experience.

With healthy Dave unexpectedly restored, we commenced a fun dash over the An Teallach Ridge, which was most satisfying

Testing my shiny new Firelite Jacket before Norway

Peter enjoying speed-scrambling on Sgurr Fiona


  1. Good to hear you are miraculously restored for the trip, Dave, see you tomorrow :)!!!

  2. If you've got the weirdest feet they've ever seen at the Belford, I'm guessing they've forgotten mine (need to compare sometime)!