Wednesday 22 February 2012

Glen Nevis podcast episode 2

Archaeologist Jennie Robertson surveying in Glen Nevis during her interview for the Glen Nevis podcasts.

I’ve just uploaded the second episode of the Glen Nevis podcast series. It’s on Friends of Nevis here or iTunes here. This episode covers the walk to the Iron Age vitrified fort of Dun Deardail which overlooks the glen from a spectacular position opposite Ben Nevis. 
In this episode, we hear from Cameron McNeish and Ali Austin on the ancient caledonian pine forest that once covered this glen, archaeologist Jennie Robertson talks us through the history of the fort itself and the mysterious vitrification applied to the stone walls at great temperatures and Gaelic historian Ron Cameron gives us some leads on where the unusual name ‘Deardail’ may originate from. This route is one of my favourite running routes in the Glen, combined with Cow Hill if time or daylight are short for going onto the bigger mountains.

Also in the pipeline from Friends of Nevis right now is an Android phone App for Glen Nevis with lots of details and maps to direct your explorations of the best spots. It's in beta right now but you can download and try it here.