Tuesday 7 August 2012

Getting out of a hole

So, I’m close to my project, but close is nowhere. If I had a run of cold windy days, I could see it happening. But It’s August, the wind is set in coming from the humid south, and so it’s not happening. The Steall midges are very well fed on my blood and I’m only getting the same highpoint and more and more frustrated and restless.

What to do? Sure I could just keep at it. Motivation is not a problem. Call me a mad man, but I don’t really care how many midge bites I get or how long it takes. My will is much stronger than a few thousand tiny midges. Another day of overheated redpoints in long sleeve top and midge hood might wont send me over the edge, but there are other issues. I don’t want to get too used to having bad sessions and forget to try really hard when good conditions come along. Also, climbing on the same route too much isn’t so good for the body. I’m waking up stiff and sore when I ought to be fine.

So the coaches prescription is to go and do something else for a bit. Keeping going in the current crap weather might be too risky for injury and the negative mental aspects might overtake physical strength gains.

Tomorrow I’ll see where the mood takes me and try something new.


  1. Amen to that prescription...

  2. I tried this last month due to various recurring injuries with taking some time out from climbing and tried running instead for a month (inspired from here). However I'v found that reversibly has been mental! My overall fitness is still high but my finger strength has completely gorrnnneee. All the boulder problems I was ticking before feel miles away. My friends say to give it a week or two and it'll all come back however I'm slightly worried...

  3. Hey Dave-
    I have a question for you. What so you think of the turntillburn.ch Do you think it would be worth buying?