Saturday 10 November 2012

Recovery day 1, again

Wakey Wakey Mr MacLeod. Feeling rather spaced shortly after coming round.

Yesterday I had my ankle surgery, which went quite well. Quote of the day from the surgeon was ‘articular surface intact’. Thank goodness for that. However, I did have a small flap of torn cartilage in the medial gutter of my ankle. It was very small and right on the edge of the cartilage, so it may not give me any trouble in the long term, or it might. We’ll have to see. I’m also still sore at the back of my ankle which couldn’t be properly seen but the surgeon’s opinion is that this is not a big deal and will settle. Again, we’ll just have to see. The large tibial bone spur which was creaking around in my ankle was chewed up and pulled out and I’m pretty sure that will help matters a lot!

I’ve got instructions to proceed to full weight bearing as pain allows. Obviously, 24 hours post operation I certainly don’t feel like putting my foot anywhere near a floor. On Monday I have to be in Wales for a big Gore-Tex event, but then I’ll just go home and work on my book for a week or two and then if everything feels ok, I will try to begin some gentle climbing. I do have a lingering worry about the back of my ankle. But there’s not much I can do except see how things pan out. I’m trying not to base my feelings on how it feels one day after being under the knife.

I do have a rehab plan in mind, but it’ll have to stay in my mind for a few more days until everything settles and I know exactly what the starting place is.

I feel lucky to the point of feeling guilty about having got away without more serious damage and disability. Much as I’m aware that we have a lot of power to get ourselves out of all manner of holes, there are some things that cannot be changed, and others have far more serious misfortune to deal with. What can you do except take the luck you’ve been given and run as far as you can with it? 


  1. "What can you do except take the luck you’ve been given and run as far as you can with it?"

    That's so well said! There's no point in feeling guilty about your good fortune: your suffering (or relative lack of) doesn't make the world more or less fair.

    Rest and recover well, Mr Macleod.

  2. All the best with your recovery...Fi

  3. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Resting is never easy. I found the emotional frustration of resting more painful than my physical injury.

  4. hey dave

    at the same time a mr. macleod got surgery, i got my surgery as well. the injury (ripped off my hamstrings from the bone) happenend at my "highlander-project"... strange word... ;)

    glad to hear surgery went well!!! wish you a good recovery and (thats what other people keep telling me) that you come back even stronger

    greez from swizzy

  5. Sometimes its painful to how quickly someone can go from the form of their life to surgery. Its good to see your dealing with it so well.

    "Eat the elephant, one bite at a time", isn't that how the saying goes ?

    get well soon.

  6. rest up and get well soon Dave, looking forward to your next book :-)

  7. Hey Martin, Jings we are a mess! Sorry to hear about more injury for you after you had the bad finger earlier. I just read your blog and it looks like you have a good adventure ahead for a few short months! Sorry to hear it but I know you will recover well. It's just as well there are so many other things in life to be done when we are forced to rest. I can't imagine how keen you will be by next autumn and how many fingerboards you will wear down and break during the coming months. Looking forward to reading about it on your blog!

  8. most of the recovery is done by our mind and positive approach where you are so good at! with your motivation you'll find many new opportunities, so take care and get better soon, appreciate the small things and it will all add up to something big :)

  9. hey dave, yep as we met this spring we have been so fit - more or less ;) and now we are pretty messed up. but from this point its going upwards again. can't wait till i can at least move around again.see you on rock again - more sooner then later!!! martin