Tuesday 7 May 2013

Bouldering with Flo

The Mission 7B, Torridon

Flo from the Mountain Equipment team was over for a few days. The weather was perfect and we had our pick of disciplines (providing we didn’t mind getting cold). Flo was keen to boulder, so we headed to Torridon, the Arisaig Cave and Glen Nevis. It was quite strange for me to visit some of these favourite old haunts of mine with someone else. Normally you won't see another soul at most highland bouldering venues.

Flo enjoying Inward Bound 7B, the classic of the Arisaig Cave.

Flo begins the crux swing on Under the Hat 7C, Heather Hat Boulder, Glen Nevis

Flo clinging to the ship boulder (The Mission 7B), Torridon.

Eyeing up the next edge on A Bridge too far 8A, Torridon.

I hadn't visited the Arisaig Cave for 2 years because I'd basically run out of projects. The one great line still to do there just seemed too hard last time I was there. But having a look at it (As in standing on the ground, just looking, as I still had only one functional leg) I decided that I really ought to return for another scrap with it. Likewise in Torridon I discovered a couple of great lines to go back for soon.

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