Friday 18 December 2015

My first drone film 'Miles Away'

Miles Away from Dave MacLeod on Vimeo.

I’ve had my drone for several months now and been gathering some footage for various projects in Scotland, but I’ve just finished my first drone film. It’s just a short fly about the Swiss alps, and Catalunyan hills, following Alicia Hudelson as she explains what mountain running means to her. It was great fun to make on my rest days from climbing. Thanks Alicia for being describing your thoughts about running so well and taking us to such nice places.

I just heard its been shortlisted for the Drone Fest film festival in London next month. Nice! I think it's the first time I've entered a film competition since my first film Echo Wall seven years ago!


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  2. After my first year of running ultras (my own method of running away from pain - long story) it was great to see something that's actually managed to help rejuvenate my running mojo in this recent spate of totally p*xy weather! Nice one Mr M :-)

  3. Cracking little story! Love the way the music speaking and filming work together - pretty inspiring. What the music please?

  4. Beautiful film Dave and Alicia. Hard to capture the (sometimes) sense of flying along, but I think you got it!