Friday 17 November 2006

Set in Stone now available from!

Hi Folks, I liked the Set in Stone film about Dave Birkett so much I decided to sell it from my webshop! The standard of climbing films seems to have taken a major jump in the past couple of years and this one is right up there, matching hit after hit of hardcore climbing action with beautiful shooting that inspires anyone to go climbing, even if they find walking under an E9 scary enough. I'm well happy for Dave that this film gives everyone out there a window on the things he's done in the Lake district. Anyway, you can see more about whats in the film and get hold of a copy from me here. I reckon a reasonable proportion of climbers who would never have considered doing trad climbing or even venturing into the mountains will be out there doing it after watching this film. What more can you hope to acheive?

Also new in the webshop are 'E11' posters with the image by Steven Gordon that features on the film front cover. A3 sized and £2.50 plus postage.

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