Monday 14 May 2007

Dave's jumper poll

A number of people on a forum thread have been laying into my jumper, seen in this review of my Dumbarton lecture last week. I am deeply distressed by this personal attack on my dress sense, but have have been brought back from the brink by consoling myself that it wasn't my choice, but an xmas present from my sister Katy. So in fact more than one Macleod has been slighted here. Anyway, I wan't to canvass some more views to figure out whether I need to call in Trinny and Suzanna, so in a first for the Dave MacLeod blog, I've made up a poll to get YOUR opinion. Please cast your vote without sympathy, I can take it (along with my prozac). Feel free to comment on this post with some constructive suggestions for more palatable threads. And if anyone comments about my hair...


  1. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    Nice jumper for a short haired chap or a sheep!



  2. don't think that appealing to the public sympathy vote will get you out of that one.

    Fashion crimes. Your DVD sales are plummeting...

  3. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    Dave, I'm really not sure pink's your colour.

    I'm sorry.

    they say it's the thought that counts but your sister really should have thought about it and decided not to bother.

    call in the stylists - it's makeover time!


  4. I think it's funky. I've got a jumper like that ;-)

  5. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    Did you get matching gloves as well?


  6. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    I like it.

  7. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    Dave, we've been talking...

    ... and we're starting to dig the potential 70's-chic thing you've got going on.

    I'm willing to reconsider my opinion of the jumper if you can assure us that in addition to it, you're also sporting some corduroy flares.

    no flares, no deal.

  8. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    I think to fully pull off the 70's look a beard is also required.


  9. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    It's trés chic! Hope you have some matching socks to go with it, too. If not, you know what to put on your christmas pressie list!

  10. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    Just a quick UKC question.

    Do you like Folk Music?

    Bien a toi


  11. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    In 1974, a crack jumper unit was sent to prison by a military court for a fashion crime they didn't commit. These jumpers promptly escaped a maximum security stockade to the Dumby underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as Jumpers of bad taste.

    If you have a fashion problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find it maybe you can hire...

    Daves Jumper

    brought to you by '


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  13. Anonymous14 May, 2007

    Doesn't Freddy Krueger want his top back?

  14. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    A very camp Freddy Krueger at that...

  15. Who cares what UKC think? Can they climb E11? If you like it, wear it!


  16. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    I'm gona get me a jumper like than _and_ some lycra pants.

  17. ps. It's better than Johnny Dawes' Stone Monkey jumper!


  18. Are you also wearing the lycra leggings that match the top. Now that would be cool.

  19. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    I think you arevery cool Dave. All you need now is some spandex and some aviators. Go Dave!

  20. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Hi Dave, being a connoissuer of funky jumpers myself I think your jumper is well cool. But the colours don't quite suit your peely wally scottish complexion, hehe! Therefore you must donate it to me as a goodwill gesture for voting yay for the jumper.

    Cheers Sonj

  21. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Hi Dave, being a connoissuer of funky jumpers myself I think it is well cool but it doesn't suit your peely wally scottish complexion. Therefore you should donate it to me for voting aye for the jumper.
    Cheers Sonj

  22. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Ooops, sorry I thought the first comment didn't work!

  23. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    I like it - it's like a camp Dennis the Menace jumper... Real purty!
    Nice to see a climber not wearing a scabby, gaffer taped Peak smock actually.


  24. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    At least you can say you're pushing the boundaries of trad AND taste! How many climbers can say that, eh

  25. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Aye pushing the boudaries of taste in the wrong direction. Horizontal stripes are just so passe.
    You should be wearing polka dots!

  26. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    I would also like to say a good short back and sides at the local barber in Dumby is required quickly. Remember presentation is 50% of success and if you had a haircut success might have come to you sooner on Rhapsody.


    Keep up the good work for Scottish Climbing.

  27. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Ma grannie got me yin jist like that but with nae airms fur ma burthday in 1971,but. An ah bhad hair ljist like that then as weel .. betcha ye've a secret yearning fae platform soles an white flares!

  28. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Looks like you need to get the E11 T-shirts re-done in your trademark Macleod horizontal strip.

  29. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    I think it is a really nice jumper. I just don't like the hair. With hair like that you should be wearing tie dye or death metal tops. It would look great with short hair.

    Then again you should just wear what you like and not care what randommers think!

  30. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    Very funky jumper, ignore the UKC naysayers

  31. Anonymous16 May, 2007

    I was once discussing dynos with a friend who sometimes climbs at Dumby, and he mentioned that 'Dave MacLeod was a really bold jumper'.

    In retrospect, I guess he must have said 'Dave MacLeod has a really bold jumper'.


  32. Anonymous16 May, 2007

    Speaking as dave's stylist, I am "pure ragin man" that anyone would question this exquisite style. I can only imagine anorak wearers would dispute its coolness. Don't fight the glamour potential!

  33. Anonymous28 May, 2007

    Don't like the jumper ... then style Dave yourself!

  34. Anonymous29 May, 2007

    Here in the US, we wouldn't call that shirt a "jumper" any more than we'd call soccer "football." Regarless, this is a good retro look and I'm thinking of digging out my old painter's pants and swami.

    Thumbs up!

  35. Anonymous11 June, 2007

    Dave the jumper makes you look fat. Ditch it ;)