Thursday 14 June 2007

New stuff on

I've put some new photos of Trauma on my main site which you can find here.
Thanks to everyone who's been posting some comments on this and the online climbing coach blog recently - I really appreciate the input! I'll not be able to reply to any more for a few days while I move house and hassle the phone companies to reonnect my digital umbilical cord in the new base.
Might see some of you in Kirkintilloch tomorrow night (well I suppose it's tonight now - better get off to bed!) for my lecture and 'spectacle' of abbing down the church spire in the town afterwards. It should be a laugh. I haven't seen the spire yet but I hope it will 'go' on a top rope and I can persuade the minister to let me climb in first before? I'm no mr Osman, but I'll have to try my best...


  1. Anonymous17 June, 2007

    Thanks for the excellent lecture and showing us mere mortals that climb up the church pillar, when I felt the holds after you had climbed it I was gobsmacked.

    Good luck for the E12.


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