Monday 13 August 2007

Off to Cairngorm for The Great Climb

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) I leave very early to travel back across east to Cairngorm, racing the low pressure system that’s going to soak us all once again later on Tues and wed…thurs…

Hopefully Cubby and I can get a couple of hours in Hell’s Lum preparing a bit more for Saturday before the heavens open again. It’s all a bit nerve wracking really seeing as the Atlantic just keeps thrashing Scotland with rainstorms back to back every day. The freezing level is dropping near to the summits too, so maybe even a bit of white stuff is in prospect? Here’s hoping for some god fortune by Friday at least. If it’s wet Friday then the harder line is out of the question for The Great Climb – the drainage lines on it need a full day to dry.

If anyone wants to get in touch during the week, I’ll sometimes have mobile reception, sometimes not. Leave me a message.

I’ll hopefully get onto the net at Glenmore in the evenings and I’ll post up some words and pics of what we get up to over there during the prep climbing days.


  1. good luck with the route. looks like you might just be lucky in cairngorms on sunday with the rain.