Wednesday 10 October 2007

How To Climb Hard Trad book released today

Today I’m releasing my E-book How to Climb Hard Trad which is hot off the Adobe Acrobat press! If you ordered a copy of the Committed DVD from my webshop during the last week, I’m going to begin emailing it out to y’all this evening (it’ll take a while for all the copies to get through my mail server!).

How To Climb Hard trad is a guide to how to get yourself on a path to improvement in trad climbing. I’m giving it away free with orders of the Committed DVD from my site and it’s not available anywhere else.

The E-book deals with motivation for trad climbing, how to develop and reinforce it and how it affects your ability to deal with bold climbing. I’ve dealt thoroughly with both the strategic and practical aspects of increasing boldness, confidence and safety, as well as exploding a few myths about bold climbers. I’ve looked carefully at tactics and approaches to improve your onsight and headpoint climbing and what to do if things go wrong on the sharp end! If you would like to get a copy, just order the Committed DVD from my site (here) and I’ll email it to you when your order comes through, free. It’s in printable PDF format, 42 pages, A4.

It’s been a crazy few weeks with my laptop taking a hammering at every waking moment to get it all finished in time for the Committed film coming out.

I hope it helps you with your climbing.

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