Tuesday 18 December 2007

Deep Breath Pics

On ‘Deep Breath’ Font 8a, yesterday. Photo: Stone Country

After several slices of Claire’s freshly baked gingerbread (so far responsible for several of the hardest rock climbs in Scotland) A John Watson led team scraped ice from cars and headed from my wee hoose up a frosty Glen Nevis. Pete Murray is making a wee film of Scottish bouldering, and John finishing off his selected guide for Scottish bouldering and wanted some film and shots of a recent problem of mine; Deep Breath Font 8a.

The fantastic Egyptian move on Deep Breath. Photo: Stone Country

I did it back in October and I’ve been trying a direct version since then which is probably too hard. Si O’conor once claimed a line somewhere on this lovely little overhang called The Morrighan.

We warmed up on the lovely arête next door - a long Font 7a of great quality. Afterwards I focused and was able (to my surprise) to repeat Deep Breath first try. Good sign for the current form.

The Mamores from Sky Pilot yesterday

Looking up Glen Nevis from Sky Pilot

After another repeat so Pete had the shot, we chased the sun uphill to Sky Pilot, but it had left behind Stob Ban by the time we got there, leaving a bitter wind and attempts on a sick project in my biggest Duvet jacket BRRRR!

Tweedley was on hand to provide a much needed foothold to artificially get a feel of the finishing sloper. Nice line.

Thanks to John Watson for the photos. His book on bouldering philosophy is here


  1. Hi Dave, so the problem went at about the same grade at si o claimed - so why isn't it a si o problem (well apart from the fact no one has seen him climb etc!)- was the problem too dirty to have been climbed - loads of loose holds?

    George R

  2. I pulled off a big block at the start that left what is now the starting jug, and then pulled off 6 crimps on the problem itself (it's only got 4 moves). The rock had not been touched before. Actually this was the first of Si's claimed lines that made me smell a rat, back in 2002!!

  3. That 8a looks amazing !

  4. cheers for clearing that up Dave. very nice looking problem

    George R