Saturday 29 March 2008

A Lochaber week in pictures

The pictures below give a week in the life, of life in the best place to live on earth (that I know of) - Lochaber. Time is super tight right now so I have little time to write on my blog for the time being. Conditions at this time of year are perfect for every type of climbing so life becomes extremely frantic in the Scottish spring, especially when you have to attempt to fit in the normal 60 hours a week in front of the work screen by night as well.
But the pictures tell the story nicely I think...

First ascent of the Bear Trap Prow V10, Skeleton Boulder, Glen Nevis. Thanks to Cubby Images for this and the pic below.

Haaaaard project, Skeleton boulder.

Intrepid filmaker #1, Lynwen after a day filming me on The Hurting

Intrepid filmmaker #2, Dave Brown, after filming me on the Hurting.

Malcolm Kent standing at the foot of a project, Ben Nevis. It didn't go this time.

Trying to smile through pain of blood returning to frostnipped fingers and toes, Ben Nevis.

Claire carves a turn with the kite, Arisaig. Isles of Eigg and Rhum behind.

A snowstorm sneaks up on Claire across the Minch. Actually, the howling bitter gale ahead of it somewhat gave it away.

Glenfinnan looking moody

The Rhum Cuillin

Late evening light at Steall hut crag, Ben Nevis behind.

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