Friday 30 January 2009

Rehab notes

Since my elbow rehab trip to Devon I’ve been continuing to tread the careful line of training as hard as my complaining elbow will allow. As often seems to be the case, I seem to be climbing quite well in training and feeling strong, getting through my set problems on the Ice Factor’s wall a lot faster than expected. Soon I might even be able to move back up to 5 days a week training. Fingers crossed.

Late evening cold water treatment over games of scrabble has been starting to really help too. It’s hard not to get excited, especially as the weather seems to have turned in the past few days from continuous darkness and horizontal rain of a Lochaber January, with sightings of patches of sunshine, ice on the Ben and dry boulders experienced yesterday.

I don’t feel in good enough shape for a shot at my winter project yet, but getting closer for sure, perhaps the imminent easterlies will galvanise the psyche. That’ll have to wait till later anyway. This weekend I have to go and watch Claire jump out of a plane.

Between rehab bouts I’ve been attempting to find time to work on a book – desperate! There are too many things to do.


  1. "This weekend I have to go and watch Claire jump out of a plane."

    Wow cool - don't forget the camra!

  2. Is there any chance you could post a picture or video or something of cold water treatment for your elbow? I've been in rehab for my elbow for some months, and have tried sticking my arm in a bowl of cold water for 30 minutes at a time, but I feel I only cool dwon my arm a lot, and it takes a long time to warm it up again afterwards. How should it make me feel? I don't feel like its helping much.


  3. Hello Dave,

    any advice on the healing of a torn tendon in my elbow. I have been off climbing for roughly 4 months but it is still sore. I have a small partial tear of my forearm extensors inserting at the lateral epicondyle (tear <1cm in size on US). So far I have been using rest only as a recovery scheme. I am assuming the cold treatments you speak of are more for inflammatory conditions (tendinitis/ tendinosis) then an actual tear. Please let me know if these treatments might help heal a partially torn tendon.