Tuesday 3 February 2009

New possibilities

With my elbow demanding another rest day after recent exertions I cheered myself up after work by looking for new projects in the glen. As usual, it came up with the goods, in the shape of this strange cave. It's actually quite a well known cave, but I'd assumed it would be of the damp and unhelpful type. It actually turned out to have a bone dry and weatherproof roof with a rather nice ships prow feature in it. I worked on this today, seems maybe V12 although I couldn't do the first two moves just yet.

I also went back to this daddy boulder I'd looked at some years ago and was biding my time before feeling strong enough to even try to climb on it. There are some easy things to go at here too V0-V4, but the main event are three projects that all look between V11 and V14.

Today I had to be careful as my elbow is inflamed and complaining because I've stepped up my training a little too early and not been disciplined enough with rehab. BTW whenever I talk about my own injury rehab on my blog many of you email to ask for advice on the subject. I've been working hard on a book about this and getting through it. I will of course be shouting about that as soon as it's ready which won't be too long.


  1. I am guessing thats Samuels Cave? Haven't been up there for years but I always wondered if someone might have climbed it.

  2. Will your book also cover your more detailed thoughts on training, too?

    Will it be an e-book?


  3. Take it easy on the elbow Dave, I'm 3 months down and still injured. (problems with work inflaming it)... My advice is, if ya feeling strong, probably need to wait another two days but its hard to resist when your addicted to pump.


  4. Nice, climbing in a cave, you don't see that allot around here.

    The Adventure Channel

  5. Good luck with the projects and the elbow. Elbow problems can be brutal if you are not careful as I am sure you know.

  6. Books, blogs, articles... makes me wonder how much of the injury is RSI from typing! Have fun in the cave mister Mac - can't wait to see the results.