Wednesday 26 August 2009

Another atlantic depression sets in

Gutted. My gear is laid out neatly ready on my loft floor for a trip to my project. Today at work at the Ice Factor I went on one of my old hard problems from last winter’s training that I’d only done a couple of times after many tries and walked up it first try. Fit, strong and psyched. But once again the atlantic weather has the last word.

We are still hoping to make the journey and sit out the storms and grab any chances we get to hit St John’s. It’s easy to smugly pronounce that fortune favours the bold (or defiant) on the occasions that it does. But sometimes, or course, you’ll sit on Orkney for a week in the rain and come home thinking differently.

So we’ll see which it is.


  1. Sacrifice a seagull to the rain Gods, see if that helps!

  2. hi dave, sounds like your strong at the mo. could you explain the impact having a facility like a woodie at home has on your climbing? using it for circuits/bouldering is it possible to make significant gains?

  3. There's always something dry at Dumby


  4. The effect of having the home climbing wall could probably be summed up by saying that not having one until now is my only real regret in my climbing. It's not really a regret because it would have been very tricky for me to have one until now. But I'd recommend it to anyone. If used wrongly it can create as many problems as it solves, if you let it replace real climbing too much. It will be the most effective training tool when you recognise it's limitations.