Friday 8 January 2010

Starting the winter tan in Glen Coe sunshine

Donald mentioned some steep bits of ice that had formed nicely right of the slit on the Aonach Eagach side of Glen Coe. This morning we strolled up some nice unclimbed icefalls to the foot of a wall of hanging fangs. It was pretty baltic in the katabatic winds of first light and -13 at the car. But things soon warmed up nicely in the strong January sun, and I was eager to get to the top of the pitch before fangs started to drop from the sky above us. A brilliant pitch of VI,6. 

We climbed the left hand icefall of this wall.

Back at the car Donald spied that the Excellerator was looking formed on Aonach Dubh, so we threw our boots back on and fired up to that and Donald made a fine lead despite a nauseous bout of hot aches and some nasty dinner-plating in the cold temperatures of the north face shade.

Hmm more of the Coe coming soon I think...

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