Thursday 8 April 2010

All the small things

A couple of days off (spent fiddling with typography and researching) was good for my arms. An unexpected cessation of rain and warm spring sunshine was plenty reason to drop drop everything and head across the road to the isles again for another sortie in the cave. After displacing a gaggle of sheep who had been in residence during the storms, I warmed up and pretty much knew it was on. First try, a little shaky, but I puffed and grunted my through to the end of the link project; ‘All the small things’, Font 8a, in the bag. Check Pete’s video above.

All the small things Font 8a. Photo: Stone Country
As always there is more to add. The link I did finishes at a logical jug in the apex of the cave. But the fun could be extended by dropping back down into the next undercut groove and heading further into the darkness. The moves on this are possible but withstood an hour trying, balancing precariously on stacked buckets to reach up and feel the tiny edges. That one will go at a large grade. Meantime I’m onto the 4* line at the cave entrance, which will be the best Font 8a+ in Scotland if I have my way.
Tomorrow though, I’m bound for the western isles for the first time this season, to check things out for later. Off to pack binoculars, sea sickness tablets and a lot of static rope...


  1. Looks good Dave!

    For a minute I thought you'd done the 2nd ascent of a route I put up at Neist Point last September, but no, just a boulder problem with the same name! (And a lot harder...)


  2. Re: typography. You're blog could really benefit from a larger default type-size and bigger leading... I think 1.3 ems for leading is pretty optimal for legibility. The white text on black background is pretty rough on the eyes, too...

  3. I know! I'm hoping the new design will be much nicer to use. Will welcome your comments when it's done. thanks for taking the time to feed back.

  4. What an awesome climb! The two finger grip with the toe hook match was awe inspiring.