Tuesday 23 November 2010

Great Climb & Triple 5 DVD’s have arrived

The DVDs of our live BBC Great Climb and also the Triple 5 (5 Climbs, 5 Islands) programmes are ready and Cameron McNeish is dropping them in to me later this morning. I’ve put them up in the shop just now.
The Great Climb DVD comes as a 3xDVD set with the full 6 hour programme of the first ascent of The Usual Suspects E9 7a, including an option to listen with or without the television commentary, extra footage from the climb such as the roof section on Pitch 4 of our route and extras about the background and making of the programme. It’s in the shop here.
The Triple 5 DVD comes as a 2xDVD set of a longer cut of the film with extra climbing, interview and background footage. The ‘5 Climbs, 5 Islands’ programmes that went out on the BBC was 2 hour cut. The DVD is a 3.5 hour cut so could go into more depth about the climbs we did during the challenge and our approaches to climbing in general. It’s in the shop here.
I noticed at Kendal that a lot of folk wanted their DVD signed. If you would like that when ordering from the shop, just ask! Write in the ‘Special instructions to merchant’ field of the checkout page.
Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Thats great they have arrived! how exciting - I'll put them on my christmas list! Love the fact that the audio commentary is optional :)

  2. Your going to hate me for saying this .. but you could do with a facebook like button on these DVDs.

    DVDs Look really cool .. can't decide which one I'd like to own more: the Great Climb which I've not seen yet or the Triple 5 which I have seen (on iplayer) - really liked it and would love to see the extended version of it.