Friday 15 April 2011

Highpoint and psyche regained

Another good session on the project. I got past the crux again which totally regained the psyche, which had been suffering after the last four sessions. I was totally unable to execute my beta for the move after, and fell straight off. So that’s cool - I’m pretty sure it’s hard. I’m back to thinking maybe it’s too hard for me. That last hard move on the link feels just nails, even though I feel really strong on all my warm-ups. At least I learned something new about a mistake I was making on the crux. Tomorrow it’s back to running and resting.


  1. Stick in there Dave..!

    Ya done the crux man...:)

    Maybe tomorrows the day...

    Gaz f

  2. Awesome. It will be crushed. Oh yes, it will be crushed...

  3. Hi dave, Thought this may be the best way to get in contact first of all, I just hope you read your comments! We are a group of students at the college in Fort william, doing the course in outdoor pursuits, and we are organising a lecture (hopefully at the nevis centre) for the public and students, with ticket costs going towards mountain rescue. We would love it if you have any spare time that you could possibly speek at the event, we would be more than willing to pay for travel costs ect. So far we are still putting together plans, but I just wanted to get in contact early to find out if this is something you may be interested in or could be persuaded to come along to.

    Thanks for your time, Shane Morrill.

  4. Hi Shane, Could you leave some contact details so I can get in touch with you?! Thanks.

  5. Hi dave, Thanks very much for getting back to me. You can email:

    Thanks in advance and will look forward to hearing from you, cheers