Monday 10 October 2011

Lukasz' workshop

’King of Drunks' V6, Llanberis Pass, Wales. Photo: Richard Enticknap

I’m just home for a couple of weeks after a manic few weeks travelling about working. The bulk of my work has been two fantastic film shoots with Triple Echo Productions. I’ve played the part of a daring 1870’s Hebridean farmer/new router and climbed 4 pitch new sport routes on a huge new crag in the middle of the Peak District! Yes it was an interesting time! More on those when I have some pics to show you through from Triple Echo.
Between those shoots, I spent a great weekend with Lukasz Warzecha and his students on his climbing photography workshop which proved to be a hit. I was really amazed by the standard of Lukasz’ tuition and had a great time jumping onto whatever routes we could find.
On the first evening we headed up to some nice boulders above the Llanberis pass. I did about 30 laps on a V6 called ‘King of Drunks’ while flash guns went off from various angles on the hillside. The following morning I did a somewhat bleary eyed ascent of King Wad E4 6a in the pass but felt a bit guilty for declining Lukasz request to jump off the top after my ascent! I reckon if you want to get anywhere in climbing photography, you should get yourself a place on his next workshop.

King Wad E4 6a, Scimitar Ridge. Photo: Paul Diffley


  1. Just like an E1 leader finds it hard to tell the difference between a S and a HS, the E11 leader cannot tell the difference between E4 6a and E5 6b. Always thought King Wad was hard E5. Used to be given E6 in the early days. So Dave why did you give it E4 6a ?

  2. Dave,

    Can you please bend Lukasz' arm to hold his next workshop further north. I'd love to have been able to attend the last one but it was simply too far away to be practical for me.

    A "huge new crag in the middle of the Peak District" ...sounds interesting!