Wednesday 6 March 2013

Gorge boulder video

As promised, here is a wee video to show you the problems I did on the Gorge Boulder in Glen Nevis the other day. These were just filmed by myself with the camera on tripod, but hopefully they serve to show you what’s on offer up the glen that’s off the beaten track from the established boulders.

To get to the boulder, park at the Steall car park at the road end. Walk up the Steall path for a few hundred metres to where it starts to steepen a bit. If you look directly across the river, you’ll see the boulder in the trees at the same level on the other side. The river is best crossed quite high up, not far below where it bends round into the gorge where it widens with plenty of boulders to hop. If the river is really high after rain, you might have to walk from Paddy's Bridge (the wooden bridge a km short of the car park). Approach takes 10-15 mins. Get there before the midges do. 

There’s more to be done on the boulder. Feel free to bring a rope and wire brush and put in a few hours. Oh, and take the grades as very rough guides - I've been out of the loop of repeating boulder for a long time so I have no clue if they are even close. BTW after being closed for ages, Cafe Beag in the glen is open every day this year from 8-6. Pretty good place for fuelling up or waiting for rain to stop etc.


  1. Nice one Dave! Great to see you developing some boulders for us mere mortals too! Thanks man.

  2. Cheers Dave! Hopefully this will encourage folk to get out and find some more boulders in Scotland!

  3. Hi Dave,

    2 things:

    1) please add a search function :-)
    2) i see you are using the boostics, could you do a quick (or even better, long) review?


  4. Great video. Love the background music as well. Thanks Dave!:-)