Sunday, 2 June 2013

Coooold rock climbing

Little video by Hotaches and Epic TV with me climbing on a somewhat chilly day on some Glen Nevis classics and talking about British climbing. 



  2. Hey Dave, huge fan of your blog and "9 out of 10" here. I just had a question for you so I figured I would throw it up here and pray for a response =). I am a taller climber. (6'4" 1.93M 190lbs 13.57 Stone, Why am I a climber again?) I know that body mass should be a primary concern for me, like you talk about in your book. Unfortunately, I have a really hard time maintaining my training intensity and frequency without a caloric surplus. When I try to pull back on cals my training/climbing immediately suffers. I am not genetically gifted in the leanness department, and I feel that reducing body mass is a major key for my progression. I was hoping you might have some tips for dealing with this problem. Thanks for your time.