Monday 31 March 2014

Climbing wall, Day 3

By day 2 of building my climbing wall, we’d moved the horizontal trusses up, giving four metres of height. Then it was time to start cutting and drilling the timber frame.

By the end of day three, we’d build most of the frame and I could start to see what the wall space will be like for the first time. It looks soooo good!

Scott from Dream Climbing Walls would be back on Monday, so I had the weekend off. I was feeling a bit fatigued after the building mission. But I was too excited and carried on over the weekend, doing more building and making holds out of hardwood. With any luck, within a week or a bit more, I'll be training on it and getting fit for the rock season.

A nice break came in the form of taking Freida camping since the Lochaber monsoon has finally broken at last. We had a great wee adventure. I woke to the sound of heavy breathing outside the tent in the wee small hours. I peeked outside to see around 15 highland cows surrounding the tent. I’m very much looking forward to taking Frieda on more adventures like this in the hills over the summer.


  1. Woah, the size of that thing! Looking forward to more updates.

  2. I first learned about you through the E11 movie and I was so inspired by your indoor training setup which consisted of a single campus rung above your door frame. That spirit of making do with what was available was super motivating. Then in your previous house you had the wall in what looked to be a spare bedroom and that inspired me to build a similar woody in a small room in my own home. Now, to keep up, seems I'm going to have to take a look at the loft of our old barn. It's tough keeping up with the MacLeods! Brilliant!