Monday 24 November 2014

Drag Race

Drag Race 8A Rannoch Moor from Dave MacLeod on Vimeo.

On the vast, beautiful expanse of Rannoch Moor, a handful of granite erratics dotted around are kind of distracting for boulderers trying to drive in a straight line on the A82 into Glen Coe. In the low, crisp winter light, you’re always looking to see if you somehow missed a hidden boulder out there somewhere. I knew that the one big boulder close to the road had a few problems on perfect rough granite, but they were all easy.

But last year Alan Cassidy told me that a large flake had broken off the steep side, leaving a smooth sloping shelf and an excellent project he thought might be 8A or 8A+. I had a quick look in May and realised I had to come back as soon as it was cold enough to drag those perfect slopers.

Last week I had a quick try in poor conditions and worked out the moves. On the first day of proper snow in the mountains, I was straight back there and managed it. What a gem of a problem. As good quality as you’ll find anywhere. You can’t miss the boulder, easily seen from the road, five minutes walk from the first layby south of the Rannoch Moor summit.

Boulder season is ON!


  1. That is the end of 'Galtee Merci' we climbed back in 2008 or so. That was a fine problem, but this looks like a real classic sloper problem now...there are more stones on Rannoch Moor, just need a wire brush and good walking legs...

  2. So where did you start Galtee Merci then? I'll need to buy you a pint sometime and pick your brains about these other boulders..

  3. I was there just after the flake popped (late winter 2012) with a friend, the flake was lying on the ground (now part of it is in my kitchen). I was trying the straight up line (looks like same finish). Nice to see it completed and given a reasonable grade!