Wednesday 14 January 2015

Mid-winter lockdown

Apart from a brief break with my family over Christmas, I have been on something of a lockdown to get my climbing injuries book ready to send to the printers. No distractions, no messing about, just getting down to serious work. Such is the way with big projects, both on the rock and off. It can be relatively easy to get to the nearly there stage. But exponentially harder to see off all those hurdles that jump up between ‘close’ and ‘done’.

So long as you don’t look at your email inbox, living in the highlands does make it easier to pile drive through work tasks of this nature. I’m desperate to finish them all, stone dead, and then move on and go back to the rock and ice in time for the good conditions arriving.

I spent Hogmanay in PDF print settings hell, and since then have tidied up countless other loose ends that need to be sorted to get it there. Although the little things keep coming, it will be off to the printers imminently, and I will post up more information about it then.

I’ve also just finished three climbing related films, all of a very different nature which will be online soon to show you. As the January gales and rain have raged outside here, I’ve been dashing between the house and the board for training.

Two or three little mid-winter tasks remain on my list, most of which ought to be crushed by some time next week. And then it will be time to climb.


  1. Hi Dave,
    I'm excited to hear your epic text is nearly done. An unrelated question - what are those multi-pocket holds on your wall? I'm after some pockets for my symmetrical home wall, and have found them very time consuming to make, or expensive to buy a mirrored set. Those look like an efficient use of space, garage time and funds..

  2. They are made by Dream Climbing Walls. Mine are samples and the range is in the final stages of development. But you should contact them and I'm sure they will sort you out as soon as they have them ready. I do like them myself. As you say they are also a very efficient use of space.