Tuesday 7 February 2017

Urban Uprising ambassador

Dave MacLeod speaks to URBAN UPRISING from UrbanUprising on Vimeo.

I’m delighted to say I am now an ambassador for the charity Urban Uprising, which takes children from deprived backgrounds climbing. Sounds simple, but it can transform people’s lives, as it did mine. It shows them that someone believes they are capable, it shows them a new world of the outdoors and adventures. Climbing and the outdoors also offers some respite from the stress these young people have to face. I think that being given a window into another world like this, a sense that good experiences are possible, is critical for these people. So I’m right behind it, and encourage you to be as well.

I'm joining other great climbers on their team such as Robbie Phillips, James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini, Niall McNair and Natalie Berry. I hope that through any influence I have, I can help raise some awareness and ultimately, raise funds to make the Uprising projects happen. If you are able to donate something directly, do it! It’s easy (instructions here). Another cool way of helping is to buy one of their T-shirts. One T-shirt gets one child climbing for the day. That is pretty cool.

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