Wednesday 19 July 2006 up and running!

Right I've got my main site up now. It's got lots of stuff you might like to see related to climbing - photos, articles about climbing, injuries and training, info and details of the coaching I offer and lectures coming up. Enjoy. Give me any feedback if you have it - I'd appreciate it!

I'll have it updated regularly with more articles and of course photos and video of climbs I get up to. If you have any article requests (climbing improvement or whatever you like) drop me an email or a comment on this page, which I'll use to update new stuff.

Thanks Ronan and Simon.


  1. Anonymous21 July, 2006

    awesome job on an awesome line
    trully inspiring dave
    when you going to come to strathconon and try our feindish route myself and robert have given up on it its just to hard for us

  2. Whats this about a hard project? always keen for that!! drop us an email and I'll get the next bus up mate.