Sunday 2 July 2006

Going round in circles

Dumby circuits wall - somewhere I know too well
Life is simple at the moment. Get up, work, do many pullups, walk to Dumby, get very pumped, many times, go home and refill my forearms with glycogen... ad infinitum. It shouldn't be long until I have the resources and fitness to venture out onto some crags again and climb. It's very reasssuring how fast the endurance returns. I didn't get pumped for 6 weeks after Rhapsody and it's only taken 2 weeks to go from lactic acid agony to beating my circuit PBs. My hard circuit is about 7c+/8a (French) one way and 6b to go back to the start. I got round it 6 times the other day. 40 minutes continuously on the rock either recovering or grunting through hard moves is good for the composure. Might even carry the weightbelt round it tomorrow morning.

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