Monday 26 June 2006

reality bites

I'm afraid I don't have much climbing to report of late, none in fact. I haven't been out climbing (apart from training circuits) for nearly a month which is the longest gap for about 8 years. It's been quite frustrating really, I hoped and naively expected that after climbing the hardest route of my life I might be able to climb more, not less. But anyway, my lack of work during my Rhapsody training has caught up and full time climbing, or indeed any climbing is a memory at the moment!

It's been a blessing though, a long break from mountains and cliffs is always good for renewing the psyche (and its WORKING!!!) and through nightly abuse of the fingerboard, I am gradually feeling stronger. Previous summers of fingerboard abuse have always been passports to high grades for me and these days my finger joints seem to be able to handle more punishment than ever. So we'll see what happens when I emerge pale faced from my flat in October, dragging huge forearms behind me... I wish.

My website is nearly finished so have a peek back here over the coming week and hopefully It'll be up. I've got some articles ready about dealing with training injuries, trainng, oh yeah and climbing.

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