Sunday 4 June 2006

slapped again (yesss!)

big roof, tiny holds. hardcore.

Cassidy on Shadowlands 7b+
A bit of Friendly Fire 7a

Its great to be back into the Anvil's horizontal landscape of roof projects. Getting slapped around by projects is the best part of the whole process. It's exciting to see if you can turn a line of miserable holds into a solid sequence you might grunt through with a pump on, one cold day sometime in the future. The Anvil seems to be upholding it's reputation for providing a good slapping and a hardcore workout to all comers - it's reassuring it's not just me having a hard time. Another repeat of shadowlands by Cassidy who rated it. And Consensus is definitely that Spitfire is Scotland's best 8a. Roof project number two was seeming more like 8c today, but at least number three went down a notch from 'ridiculous' to 8c and the (exquisite) moves done. I crimped until my fingers felt like they'd been stamped on. Good day. Tomorrow I'll pull on some slightly bigger holds on a huge prow I've seen from the road. Tweedley tells me it's 'Dalriada the 2nd'. But this one might actually be E8. I hope so, will let you know what I find.


  1. Anonymous05 June, 2006

    The one on Ben Donich? Is it as good as he says?

  2. Work got in the way so it'll have to wait a few more days. Yeah the one on Ben Donich.

  3. should be free next week so ill get in touch. Want to go up and have a look at the sidewalls i was talking about. Dont take my word that its Dalriada 2. Any luck it will be. Love the onion goggles by the way.