Wednesday 14 November 2007

London Lecture Dec 10th

I've just confirmed a speaking date in London on December 10th. I'm going to be talking about dangerous trad climbing, E10 and why being safe is actually a risky life strategy. Claire will also be talking a little about sprint belaying. Afterwards I'll be showing the film Committed.

If you'd like to come. All the details and online tickets are here

Other dates coming up are:

Glenmore Lodge Dec 1st - clinics for climbing with tools and seminar aabout training for winter climbing.

Sheffield Climbing Works Dec 9th: Safe is Risky lecture.

details of these are here


  1. Dave,

    Wish I could be there to experience any of your lectures.
    So much bullshit surrounds climbing these days that it's a wonder most of us bother any more,

    Keep it up Dave: living it, loving it, and saying it how it really is. No over inflated 'glory' tales; no denegration of mere mortals climbing at Scottish IV; just the cold hard facts.

    Love it, Just love it. Cutting edge without the bullshit !


  2. Hey Dave!

    I was just wondering if you had any plans to do any lectures in the Bristol area? Please!!