Tuesday 13 November 2007

Spainblog 4

Fading energy yesterday on Afrodita. But I found a new hold on the crux and linked one move higher than before despite nearly falling asleep before my last burn of the day. So progress has been made. I enjoyed watching Keith fight for a long time with a nasty finishing move on a lovely long 7a+. He stuck it out and made it to the chain. Entertaining viewing.

Resting today. How is it possible to spend nearly a whole day making tea and going to the hypermarket? Now I must get a couple of hours work in. Tomorrow it’s back on the small pockets of Campi qui puigi.


  1. What you need Dave is a big Muckle hamper that ive got and trying not to eat all the contents as it is a presentmmmm Glen nevis is green at mo and a tad greasy. I played on Morrighan the other day and it was crispy cold. Thought it would be the same yesterday but alas no it is green. I used a pic of your blog with it on as mine was crap.Anyway have a good one.

  2. Morning Dave, Its very very cold here in Aberdeen this morning, so count yourself lucky, I nearly spat my tea out at the thought of you falling asleep while putting your shoes on. I once climbed with an older guy who feel asleep belaying. Havent climbed with him for ages...... ummmm

    Hope the trip goes well,

  3. Have you been back on A Muerte?