Sunday 18 January 2009

Coaching sessions resume

After a break of several months to make the Echo Wall film and work on a couple of other projects i'm starting to run one to one coaching sessions and write training programs again. Thanks to everyone who's emailed in the last few months to ask about these and encouraging me to start coaching again. Hopefully I can help more of you get to a higher level of climbing this year!

The details of my service are on my coaching page.

While I'm at it I've also published some new lecture dates for this spring. Full details are on the lectures page but here are the dates:

Feb 22nd The Cragg, Stowmarket, Suffolk 01449 674980 (lecture and technique masterclasses)
March 20th Leuven, Belgium


  1. OOOOOOhhh

    you're coming to belgium!
    Keeping that date free for sure!

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  3. Do you have a weblink with some more info (time,location) about the lecture in leuven belgium? I think the link in the lectures section is a wrong one.

    Love your writing!

    (/edit removed ugly typo;))

  4. the lecture in Belgium will be hosted by the LUAK so keep an eye on our website More info will follow soon. It will start around 20.30h.