Sunday 18 January 2009

The Walk of Life video

Here is a montage from climbing the Walk of Life. There was just the two of us there, so the footage of the lead was shot "press and go" from the tripod on the beach while Claire belayed, but it's funny to see it started raining halfway up!

Some of you will recognise the track 'Stoater' from Echo Wall, by Katy MacLeod. Incidentally, the full list of music featured in the Echo Wall film is on the Rare Breed website here.


  1. Amazing achievement Dave! On an unrelated note, do you often re-climb routes that have been very hard for you to do in the first place (Not necessarily scary one but challenging ones)? I've gotten in to the habit of doing things a couple of times just 'cause I like the movements.


  2. you look like a penguin at the bottom.

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  4. Wow!! That is seriously amazing Dave. You have guts.

    Out of interest, how long did it take you to climb that exactly?

    I could never do that, I'd never even be able to do that.