Monday 29 March 2010

More new arrivals in the shop

Four more new arrivals in our shop today:
First off is Ron Fawcett’s story of his life of climbing. One of the first true ‘rock athletes’. Ron was one of the first climbers to embrace modern athleticism in climbing. He was one of the first to understand the enjoyment of sport climbing, and harness it as a tool to make a game changing leap forward in trad climbing standard. Needless to say the legacy of his climbs are still slapping the strong and bold of today - Careless Torque (Highball Font 8a), Toy Boy (E7 7a) and Master’s Edge (E7 6b) to give a few examples. A classic example of the quiet, unassuming brilliant athlete. 
Trad climbing plus is a comprehensive full colour manual on how to do everything trad climbing demands of you - from tying in to psychological control. An accessible style of writing and nice full colour pics on just about every page of the techniques in action will mean you can use this either as a one stop course from beginner to expert, or an instant reference for a technique you suddenly realised you need for tomorrow’s climb. 
Up European climbing report - This year’s report of everything important that happened in climbing in 2009. There are always great interviews in Up as well and this year was no different. The highlight was an extensive interview with Johnny Dawes with lots of interesting pics, old and new I hadn’t seen before.
Performance Rock Climbing - the original climber’s training bible from the early nineties. It was so good it’s still mega popular today and only in the past couple of years has been matched and complimented by a couple of good modern titles (also in my shop!) I bought it when I was sixteen and went from F6c+ to F7c+ in the following 12 months. I read it so many times my copy looks like it’s been chewed up by a pit bull.

They are all in the shop here.

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