Monday, 2 August 2010

Gorilla T-shirts are here

Ever since my book 9 out of 10 climbers… came out, many of you emailed or commented asking when we were doing a T-shirt of the now famous fed up Gorilla from the cover. It took us some time, as these things do. But now they are here!
We sourced excellent quality and cut T-shirts and hoodies from the American Apparel label. They were a little more expensive, being a quality brand and made in Los Angeles, but worth it we think. The printing was done right here in Lochaber.
We’ve done a Gorilla T-shirt, Gorilla Hoodie and a Rare Breed T-shirt. The T-shirts are £15 and the hoodies are £35. All come in unisex small, medium, large and XL with size charts on their shop pages to make sure you get the correct size, male or female. We produced a fairly limited run, so get them in if you fancy one. If they disappear fast, we might make some more.

They are available in the shop now, here.


  1. Announcement of these great-looking shirts seems like a good oppotunity to propose something I've been wondering about. Are there any "9 Out of 10" readers out there who'd like to rally around a hashtag on Twitter? I'm sure I'm not alone in following @davemacleod09, but I think it would be fun, as well as motivating, to be able to tweet about the book, training and climbing with an agreed-upon hashtag knowing that others of like mind are seeing it.

    Example of what I'm thinking of,

    "Starting to practice falling in the gym! #9of10climbers"

    or "... #macleodbook"
    or "... #910climbers"

    ("#9outof10" is already used quite a lot on Twitter)

    For those unfamiliar with hash tags, there's no governance, only agreement by convention. But they allow you to search on tweets by hashtag, and in so doing, connect (via following) with others sharing similar interest.

    Mabye Dave M. could officially sanction something to start us of... ?

    See you on Twitter,

  2. Thank you for T. Very nice, delivered promptly, yadda, yadda. If you do a second run can you print 'What Would Dave Do?' on the back. Cheers.