Thursday, 26 August 2010


It’s day 3 of sitting with my foot propped up, ice pack and pill taking regime. On one hand, it’s quite nice to detach myself from the craziness going on around me as the live outside broadcast machine steps up a gear each day. But it’s kind of weird to say the least when for weeks it’s just been me hanging about alone on the Sron, and now I’m the only one left behind!
Excellent to see the whole team of about 55 people all in one room last night. The size of the production really starts to dawn! Whether it works out on the day might, among other things of course, come down to how much I can get my swollen, hurting ankle to calm down in the next 48 hours. Better get another ice pack.
Afterwards, I’m off to find some foot-off bouldering...


  1. Hope it all comes good lad. Just don't do anything daft: if it's a no-go then so be it.

  2. Do they have a substitute climber in mind if your ankle doesn't recover? Hope you make it though, sounds like you've worked for it.

  3. Hope foot recovers: What with wind, wet rock, midges and ankles, linking the route must be the least of your worries!
    One question: Did you let the sheep go after you "helped" it???
    All the best Rick C

  4. Hope things are well on the mend now and all good to go. Sure Tim's passed on his wealth of experience about climbing with a broken ankle; he could still do more laps of the TCA circuit boards than I ever could whilst wearing his soft cast boot!

    Have fun and take care!

  5. hi there Dave,was wondering if you can help advise me on whats the best glocsamine i can get got some finger troubles
    tom lee