Tuesday 24 January 2012

Lectures in February

The last of my lectures for a while are happening in February - see you at some of these hopefully:
This Saturday (Jan 28th) I’m speaking at Rheged in the Lakes. Details and tickets here.
On February 3rd I’ll be in the audience for a change while Claire gives the lecture! She is speaking at Roy Bridge Memorial Hall, 7.30pm about her mountain film making adventures and jumping out of planes. Tickets on the door - £4 and you’ll also get some food and a cup of tea!
On February 8th I’m speaking along with Andy Turner and Paul Diffley at the Royal Geographical Society in London about the Long Hope. After the lecture we’ll show the film too and there will be an opportunity to gather for a good chat at the bar during the evening. Details and tickets here.
On February 24th I’m speaking in Hoy Kirk, Hoy, Orkney about the Long Hope and showing the film. Looking forward to being back on the island! It’ll be a good chance for me to explain to everyone I saw out and about around Orkney what all the fuss was about that kept me returning to St John’s head trip after trip. Start time 6.30pm.
After that I’m away on a long climbing trip. See you there!


  1. Dave, I saw your lecture last night at the RGS in London. It was incredible, a really enjoyable evening.

    During the talk you mentioned a point in the climb where there was a risk of a factor two fall onto the belay because of a lack of gear and an annoyingly placed bird. From my armchair I have thought of the following solution. Would this have been practical in the circumstances?

    Could you have divided the belay gear into two groups like this: Half of it would be used for the belay, which Andy dangles from, say five meters bellow. The other half of the gear is used for the first runner.

    I suppose one flaw in this idea is there just might not be enough good placements for the belay and a runner. Secondly, the pulley effect might mean that the forces on this first runner in the event of a fall would be even higher than a factor two fall onto the belay.

    Curious to see what you think,


  2. We were very sorry that you couldn't make it over to Hoy last night because of the boat getting a broken window! However, the film was great and I enjoyed it very much. It was particularly moving to see Ed Drummond return to St John's Head. I hope you make back to Orkney soon!